Farm Water Works! Video

This informative 14-minute video features balanced information about irrigated agriculture in California. It is available for $10 per copy (price includes tax and shipping). To order a video contact CFWC.

Farm Water For Kids Activity Book and Stickers

Featuring the six Farm Water ‘Toons characters, this eight-page book and colorful stickers reinforce positive messages about irrigated agriculture and its benefits to the economy, environment and our diets.

Alfalfa Lesson Plan

Download this lesson on alfalfa production in California for use in your classroom. It is designed as a cooperative interaction activity for use in grades 4-6 and is aimed at teaching students how alfalfa uses water resources and the value of alfalfa production to our economy and environment. Included is a listing of the correlating […]

Cotton and the Water Connection

This is an integrated, thematic unit for grades 4-6 in which students discover personal connections to cotton, one of California’s most valuable export crops.