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Museum of Science and Curiosity (Formerly called Powerhouse Science Center)

The California Farm Water Coalition is sponsoring four new water-related exhibits at Sacramento’s SMUD Museum of Science and Curiosity (MOSAC).

Occupying the historic powerhouse building on the banks of the Sacramento River, MOSAC is the home for interactive exhibits covering a range of fields including conservation, earth sciences, physical sciences, astronomy, space sciences, and of course, water!

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The Museum of Science and Curiosity includes 25,000 square feet of exhibits, including three directly addressing the relationships between California-grown food and the water needed to produce it.

The Museum expects to receive nearly a quarter million visitors every year from the 16 county region surrounding the Capitol, as well as visitors from across the country who visit Sacramento every year.

Designed as part of a complex of Museums in Sacramento that includes the Sacramento Railroad Museum and the Crocker Art Museum, both popular destinations for class field trips from schools across the state, MOSAC will be joined to the Old Sacramento Historic Landmark District through the new Matsui Park on the Sacramento River frontage.

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