Smart Policy- Real Solutions

California’s way of life is sustained by our flowing water. From farm fields and grocery store shelves, to city streets- moving water affects us all. Modern water management in the State focuses on two principles- moving water from places and times of abundance to places and times of need efficiently, and balancing the needs of […]

Groundwater overdraft is a fixable problem

Groundwater overdraft is a fixable problem Overdraft. It’s the condition in which something is being removed faster than it’s being replaced. At a bank it’s when you’re spending more money than what you have in your account. In the water world it’s much the same thing. You’re taking more water, usually out of the ground, […]

UC Berkeley study: Enough water for 10 million people lost every year

UC Berkeley Study Confirms: Enough water for 10 million people lost every year A new study by Dr. David L. Sunding of U.C. Berkeley confirms the devastation done to all Californians by a broken water-management system ruled by more than 15 federal, state and local agencies. 1.3 million acre-feet lost every year For more than […]

CFWC Statement on End of Drought

San Luis Reservoir, August 4, 2016

“Today the Governor declared an end to California’s drought and his administration issued plans to permanently entrench many of the drought restrictions and water use efficiency requirements it brought about.   “California farmers work every day to make the most out of every drop.  While total agricultural water use in California has remained relatively constant […]

2017 Snow Survey Results Off the Charts- Must Improve Water Supplies

Snow Survey Results Off the Charts- Must Improve Water Supplies When state snow surveyors visited the Sierra Nevada today, they found a snowpack well above average for the date, and the biggest in more than 20 years. California agricultural organizations say they hope that translates into improved water supplies for the state’s farmers and ranchers. California […]

Response to the State Water Control Board’s Water Quality Control Plan

This project includes the development of additional water that can be used for irrigation and wildlife enhancement purposes and to improve groundwater recharge in the area.

The State Water Resources Control Board has released its Water Quality Control Plan which, if implemented, will cause significant harm to California residents without quantifying any specific environmental benefits. In taking this step, Felicia Marcus, the Board’s Chairwoman noted that San Joaquin River flows have not been updated since 1995. We fully agree it’s time that state […]

Amount of idled farmland is five times greater than report states

central valley drought

UC Davis drought report On August 15 the Center for Watershed Sciences released a UC Davis drought report titled “Economic Analysis of the 2016 California Drought on Agriculture.” The report was a follow-on to reports commissioned by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) and released previously in 2014 and 2015. Of note in the […]