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Finding Common Ground in the Delta

Coalition response…The Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) was commissioned with two objectives, creating a reliable water supply and restoring the Delta ecosystem. Years of scientific study have developed the present-day version of BDCP to accomplish those two goals. Recommendations that seek to insert other tasks into the BDCP process should be done in a way that doesn’t overstep other processes where they may already be underway.

Water managers in California recognize that a diverse suite of challenges demand a robust toolkit of solutions. BDCP implementation will not hamper efforts to develop new solutions to these challenges, but will help to improve supply reliability and improve the Delta ecosystem. Local agencies will continue to complete local water projects to meet local and regional needs, as they do now, after BDCP is implemented. We will continue to update, refine and implement the State Water Plan (Bulletin 160) to meet broader challenges. All of these separate activities are essential to moving forward.

Successfully preparing for California’s future water needs is critical, and will come through our ongoing efforts to give the challenges that exist and arise appropriate attention. Attempting to shoehorn them into the BDCP process gives none the consideration they are due.

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