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Showdown Over Salmon: River plan would require more water for the fish

Coalition response…Tell the more than 400 individuals who could lose their jobs that their sacrifice might result in a “reasonable expectation” that salmon numbers will increase in the San Joaquin River. Add the $60 million hit to the local economy and the results are decisions based on assumptions that protecting species are necessary at any cost. Yet, the benefits of those decisions are anything but firm.

Agricultural and urban water users have improved their efficiency tremendously over the years. They are required by law to produce water management plans and, like a student in school, they have to “show their work.” Those same requirements don’t apply to environmental efforts. The time has passed when environmental water managers can get away with guessing about the benefits of their actions. Like the rest of us, they should be required to document how a water supply cut will help fish before water supplies are taken away from the people who depend on them for jobs, our food supply and the economy.

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