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Column: Buffaloes threaten pristine landscape

Coalition response…The Bay Delta Conservation Plan and its proposed tunnels provide multiple benefits that will be felt throughout the state, including the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta which this columnist refers to as a “Huck Finn paradise.” The author correctly cites the soil or “tunnel muck” that will result from the underground boring for the tunnels that will be used to shore up the Delta levees. This is a substantial benefit that will not only protect residents of the region but also those who rely on the water that flows through the Delta in avoiding the consequences of an earthquake.

The cost to Southern California residents for the tunnel construction is estimated at only $3-4 per month per household that will receive BDCP water. Compared to other costs, such as cable TV, a cell phone or even a good latté, that’s cheap insurance for something as vital as the water supply that we depend on every day.

Fish and wildlife will also benefit from the Plan. The effect of south Delta pumps that the author says “chomp up fish” will be greatly diminished with the tunnels. The tunnels will deliver water to the pumps and reduce the pull of water and fish from the main channels of the Delta to the pumps.

The sandhill cranes that visit Staten Island are one of the 57 species listed under the BDCP that will receive increased protection and long-term benefits. Characterizing the cranes as “victims” of the BDCP is misleading since they are already scheduled to benefit from planned ecosystem improvements to occur in the Delta region.

There should be no confusion that the Bay Delta Conservation Plan will provide benefits to people, farms and businesses while creating a reliable water supply and restoring the Delta ecosystem. The result is a secure water future for California.

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