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Brown’s canal proposal bad plumbing: Garamendi

Coalition response…Despite what Rep. Garamendi would have people believe, the current Bay Delta Conservation Plan includes more than a “plumbing system.” It is the result of years of study and research that features Delta ecosystem restoration, an improved conveyance system, restored habitat and more. He also incorrectly cites 15,000 cfs as the size of the proposed conveyance when that number is much smaller at only 9,000 cfs. Recent calls to consider an even smaller conveyance at 3,000 cfs fail to recognize that this lower size has already been studied by BDCP.

Critics of the current BDCP proposal continually raise the rhetoric that the Sacramento River and Delta will be drained. Nothing is further from the truth. Diversions will be closely governed and increased or decreased according to the amount of water available in the system. To view how the system will work, click here.

Securing a reliable water future for our State and at the same time protect the Delta requires thoughtful discussions and committed individuals and organizations seeking the best for all California.

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