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Jobs fail to sway foes of tunnels

Coalition response…By definition, critics are those who have already chosen their position. Regardless of how factual, extensive or valid the evidence is that is placed in front of them, if it comes from an opposing viewpoint then they will automatically reject it. Repeating their refusal to accept facts and reciting their rhetoric does little to evaluate honestly the information being discussed. Challenging the credentials of a researcher with the reputation for excellence Dr. David Sunding of Berkeley brings to the topic is ludicrous. He headed extensive study efforts to determine the cost-benefit analysis of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan. Learn more for yourself about Dr. Sunding’s credentials and the efforts put into his study at in a comparison of analyses.

The discounting of jobs that will be created by the construction of the tunnels by those who are secure in their jobs fails to consider the viewpoints of individuals who are seeking work. I’m sure if you asked them whether the potential jobs would be beneficial their answers would be different.

People continue to overlook that the Bay Delta Conservation Plan provides benefits throughout the state and those who look with a narrow viewpoint are rejecting the advantages available for all of California.

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