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Opponents: State Delta tunnels plan analysis full of holes

Coalition response…Biologists, engineers, water policy experts and water industry officials at all levels have worked for seven years in the development of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP). Multiple aspects of the plan, including the two tunnels that are proposed to send water under the Delta, have analyzed and in some cases changed. The proposed tunnels have been reduced from three to two and their size has also been changed from a capacity of 15,000 cubic feet per second to 9,000 cfs. To state that the work that has gone into the BDCP has not looked at alternatives is weak.

The BDCP provides the best opportunity to secure a reliable water supply for California’s future and at the same time restore the Delta’s ecosystem. The economic analysis of the benefits resulting from BDCP presents an $84 billion contribution to the state’s economy over the 50-year life of the Plan. It not only provides new jobs but it protects existing jobs. These are real benefits that the people of California need.

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