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Californians needlessly soaked for water

Coalition response…Southern California residents have much at stake when it comes to a safe and secure water supply. The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is a critical component of the state’s water supply system and assuring that it works properly should be high on our list of priorities. We have already seen a loss of more than 800,000 ace-feet of water this year alone because of environmental restrictions that affect Southern California’s water supply. Fortunately a plan is in the works that protects the environment and delivers the water we need.

The Bay Delta Conservation Plan is a comprehensive effort to improve water supply reliability and the Delta ecosystem. It is much more than creating a few wetlands and building a pair of tunnels. The BDCP is an approach to fixing numerous ecological and conveyance issues that currently prevent the reliable delivery of water. Scientists and researchers have worked for years in developing the BDCP as the best opportunity to create a dependable water supply and a restored Delta ecosystem. The result of these efforts is the current BDCP and it provides a secure water future for California.

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