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Editorial: Delta plan misses main point

Coalition response…This editorial would have California turn its back on more than a century of water deliveries that began in the 1800s as water districts were formed to deliver water to areas of need. Since those early beginnings, more water districts formed and delivery projects by California and the federal government have worked together to provide water that has fueled the growth of one of the top ten economies in the world.

The Bay Delta Conservation Plan is an effort to obtain a 50-year endangered species permit that will improve the Delta through habitat restoration and protection of species. In doing so it is expected that water supply reliability will improve for users who have a legal right to use existing water supplies. The BDCP does not increase the average amount of water that has been delivered through the Delta over the past 20 years. This permit should improve water supply reliability for almost 4,000 farms and 25 million Californians. The importance of a dependable supply of water to farmers means California consumers can depend on a variety of safe, healthy and affordable food products from local sources.

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