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Sierra Club urges governor to rethink position on Delta tunnels

Coalition response…Despite the Sierra Club’s opposition to the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, Governor Jerry Brown is on the right track to help solve some of California’s biggest water supply and environmental challenges. The Club claims to be concerned about the long term water supply needs of 25 million Californians (not to mention thousands of food-producing farmers) but at the same time it ignores the reality of today’s broken water system.

The Bay Delta Conservation Plan has been developed to benefit all of California through a reliable water supply and a restored Delta ecosystem. Years of scientific research have resulted in more than 18,000 pages of documentation that demonstrates that the co-equal goals within the BDCP is the right way to go – for water users and for the environment.

In the end the Sierra Club asks the Governor to “fiercely protect and fight for the public trust of surface and groundwater resources, which belong to all Californians.” Publicly the Sierra Club claims that water resources belong to all Californians. The problem with their plan is that it prevents millions of us from having much access.

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