Farm Water and the Business Crisis

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In 2013 dozens of farm-related businesses in California’s Central Valley gathered to show support for the farmers who drive the rural economy. “Central California Businesses for Farmers” came together in a 95-acre alfalfa field with the people and equipment they use to support farming activities. Without dependable supplies of irrigation water farms simply can’t produce the fresh fruits and vegetables, feed and fiber products that create hundreds of thousands of jobs throughout California.

“During the last 25 years I have seen our farmers on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley deal with many water issues,” said Steve Malanca of Thomason Tractor Co. in Firebaugh. Malanca originated the idea of bringing together the business community leaders and farmers. “The issues have been difficult to explain to those who aren’t familiar with agriculture.” This video explains the connection between farms and the businesses that depend on them.

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Photos by: Megan Wade

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