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Irrigation wastewater can revive damaged soils

Coalition response…There has been a long relationship between farmers and university officials and other agencies to improve the production of food and fiber crops on California farms. This story illustrates the benefits of improved soil conditions resulting from water management practices at the farm level.

A similar illustration is further to the north to the 100,000 acres in the Grasslands Drainage Area south of Los Banos. Farmers have worked with local water districts, some environmental groups, and state and federal agencies to resolve the runoff of certain minerals in drainage water from the fields to the San Joaquin River. From 1995 to 2010, the drainage of selenium from the Grasslands farms was decreased by 87% and the reduced amounts for salt and boon were 72% and 64% respectively.

Farmers throughout California are committed to protecting their soils as they strive to provide a safe and affordable food supply to consumers.

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