Improving the water footprint in food production, or put another way, improving water use efficiency, is a priority for California’s farmers. Our farmers are dedicated to producing affordable, local farm products as efficiently as possible.

Compared to many of our major trade partners, many locally-produced farm products require less water to produce. California’s farmers have long been early adopters of innovative farm technologies and techniques that help them produce more crop per drop of water.

Good stewardship of California’s precious water and soils is central to the livelihoods of farmers, who recognize that a bountiful California is important not only for their success, but also for future generations.

Producing affordable, local farm products while working to reduce the water footprint of California-grown foods and fibers is a worthy goal. Learn more about some of the innovations in farm water management that are helping farmers achieve success.

Check out these graphics and compare how California’s farmers are doing next to our major trade partners for each crop.

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