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Delta plan is just another water grab by Southern California

Coalition response…In a recent letter on California water issues, Roger Thibault misses some key facts about water rights and the BDCP. Rights to use water for beneficial purposes are issued by the State Water Resources Control Board. The right to use that water isn’t limited to those upon whose head it falls, as Thibault believes. Public water agencies throughout the state helped pay for the water projects that deliver the water used to grow food on farms, meet domestic needs in homes and provide jobs for California businesses. Claiming that those same water users want to “…take virtually the entire flow of the Sacramento and pipe it around the Delta” is baseless as well. The water diverted under the proposed BDCP will be limited by the actual day-by-day conditions and flows of the river. When flows are high more water can be moved through the tunnels. When it is low, less water will be moved…or none at all under dry conditions. Find out more here:

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