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Storing water is an old concept that takes on new importance

Coalition response…Storage is a vital part of resolving California’s long-term water issues.  Work is currently underway in several venues to improve California’s water system for both supply and delivery. As noted by the two authors, increased storage is a vital part of secure water future for our state. They correctly identify several projects that are being studied that would increase the supply of water needed for the future of our state.

The importance of storage has long been recognized by water experts in California. A water bond that is slated for the 2014 general ballot would provide funding to continue these critical studies into increased storage facilities. Rumblings are being made about downsizing the cost associated with the water bond, but the importance of storage to the future of California is critical. Those individuals and groups wanting to decrease the water bond cost should recognize the value of not touching the amount designated for storage.

Likewise, the water bond also provides funding that would go toward habitat restoration in the Delta as part of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP). The two-part goal of BDCP is to create a reliable water supply and ecosystem restoration in the Delta. This funding is equally important to California’s water future.

There are multiple efforts associated with improving the reliability of California’s water supply. Moving forward, we all need to remember the benefits that a reliable water supply provides for economic prosperity, jobs, food production and recreational activities throughout the state.

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