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Bureau of Reclamation hears mostly negative comments on raising Shasta Dam

Coalition response…Shasta Dam was originally planned to be 800-feet tall but labor and material shortages during World War II reduced its height to 602-feet. Raising the dam is possible because of the wide base that was built to uphold the taller height. As pointed out by the Environmental Impact Statement, salmon will benefit from an added supply of cold water and gravel beds as they make their way up the Sacramento River to spawn. Additional Shasta storage will also provide benefits to Northern California’s water users by adding to local supplies if future minimum river flow requirements are adopted. More storage will provide a buffer for Northern California farms, homes and businesses. Farmers who have a more reliable water supply can provide a more dependable food supply for consumers throughout the state.

Those who first planned the construction of Shasta Dam recognized the benefits that would be provided to the people of California. Now is the time to move forward with that vision, even if only by a few feet.

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