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Delta pipes pitch less than perfect

Coalition response…In any discussion of Governor Brown’s plan to provide water supply reliability for California it is important to start with a fundamental fact: The current system isn’t working for fish and it isn’t working for water users. The San Francisco Bay Area depends on the Delta for two-thirds of its drinking water supply. The Bay Area is susceptible to the same earthquake risk to its water supply as southern California, which is why the City of San Francisco went to extensive efforts at seismic upgrades to its Hetch Hetchy water supply system.

Concerns over record water exports in 2011 should be weighed against the fact that 2011 was a tremendously wet year. There was sufficient water in the system to support moving and storing excess water for a future when supplies aren’t plentiful. That’s how the system is supposed to work.

BDCP provides water supply and ecosystem benefits designed to meet California’s water and environmental needs far into the future. For the sake of salmon, Delta smelt, Bay Area water supply and the food farmers grow for the grocery store, BDCP represents the best alternative for California.

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