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Our Voice: Valley aquifer disaster is under our feet

Coalition response…This editorial is correct in recognizing the efforts of the Coachella Valley Water District and the Desert Water Agency to preserve the water that underlies the Coachella Valley. It is also correct in more can be done by everyone who lives in the valley. The water districts have reached agreements that bring water from the Colorado River and through the State Water Project for local use and to recharge the aquifer. Reducing the demand on groundwater by all water users is an ongoing goal that will require continuing efforts.

The Coachella Valley is a recipient of the water that flows through the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and is delivered  via the State Water Project to 25 million Californians and three million acres of farmland. This water supply has been interrupted in recent years as government regulations written to protect Delta fish species have kept a portion of that water from being delivered. Sadly, no definitive results exist that prove these actions are benefiting fish. Earlier this year more than 700,000 acre-feet of water was lost to users. Visit for more details.

The Bay Delta Conservation Plan is being developed to provide a reliable supply of water moving through the Delta to users, including the Coachella Valley via an exchange agreement. The Plan will also improve the Delta’s ecosystem by restoring wetlands and habitat. The Bay Delta Conservation Plan is the best opportunity to secure California’s water future and its implementation is critical to our state.

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