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To Build or Not to Build the Delta Tunnels

Coalition response…Water flowing through the Delta irrigates millions of acres of farmland, the source of much of the fresh produce that makes its way to Southern California. Consumers widely prefer local California produce as opposed to imported food products. It just makes sense that a reliable water supply is necessary to keep California farms productive.

Government regulations intended to protect the ecosystem have disrupted the water supply to almost 4,000 farms and 25 million Californians. Earlier this year those regulations prevented the delivery of more than 800,000 acre-feet of water to farms, homes and businesses in many parts of the state. Sadly, these regulations have failed to restore the Delta to a level that adequately protects wildlife.

That’s where the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) comes in. The BDCP is a new approach to endangered species protections that will enhance the ecosystem while at the same time restore reliability and security to California’s water supply. That means a secure water supply for Southern California and the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables we all want from local California farms.

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