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Deck stacked against north on water?

Coalition response…Expressing concern about the security of Sacramento Valley water supplies, as this editorial does, is a reasonable reaction when considering California’s water future. One important factor involving that water future, as well as past and present water issues, is that the State Water Code issues assurance to existing water rights; meaning that new water projects cannot negatively impact current water rights.

Also, the amount of water transported through the tunnels will be dependent on the available water supply. If the water supply in the river is low, then the flow through the tunnel will be less than the 9,000 cubic feet per second. Visit to learn more about the transfer of water through the tunnels.

Lastly, past transfers of water from willing sellers in the Sacramento Valley to willing buyers south of the Delta are required to not harm the existing ecosystem, including aquifers. The Bay Delta Conservation Plan will not alter that requirement.

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