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Congressman Garamendi releases comprehensive water plan for all of California

Coalition response…Rep. Garamendi’s water plan includes water management strategies that have already been implemented by public water agencies, such as conservation and recycling. While they can help serve local water users, they’re not as inexpensive as the congressman thinks. His plan lacks the details on how these achievements should be enhanced in a way that protects local water users from skyrocketing water bills. New storage systems are ineffective unless we have the ability to move sufficient water at the right time of the year to meet local water needs, including water to produce food during the height of the summer growing season. If Rep. Garamendi is concerned about California’s water delivery system and the environmental challenges the Bay Delta Conservation Plan is designed to overcome, then he needs to thoroughly read the more than 18,000 pages in the BDCP’s environmental documentation, the most comprehensive review of any project of its kind in the United States.

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