If you are attending the ACWA Conference in Sacramento this week be sure to stop by the CFWC exhibit booth and pick up a free coffee mug, some Smokehouse almonds and the latest information on farm water issues.

CFWC will also be showing a new 4-minute video titled “Farm State: a portrait of the California farmer.” The video helps consumers understand that California is more than Hollywood and the high-tech capital of the world. It is also the nation’s No. 1 farm state.

CFWC Executive Director Mike Wade said that the public often thinks about Iowa, Kansas or other parts of the mid-west when asked to name a farm state but in fact 38 million people who make California their home already live in the nation’s top farm state.

“Consumers should no longer think about agriculture from a ‘us versus them’ perspective,” said Wade. “When it comes to water supply, food production, the environment and working issues out together, in California that means all of us. CFWC’s ‘Farm State’ video will help open the door to more public outreach this year.”

The video includes appearances by farmers throughout California including Bryce Lundberg, Joe Del Bosque, Chris Hurd and Peter Nelson.

CFWC will be in booth #107. Stop by for a first look at “Farm State: a portrait of the California farmer.”

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