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The Bay-Delta and a new era of water solutions

Coalition response…The portfolio approach championed by NRDC and a minority of other water interest groups glaringly ignores the effects the plan would have on San Joaquin Valley farmers. An undersized tunnel through the Delta with a capacity to transport up to 3,000 cubic feet per second would rob 750,000 acres of the world’s best farmland of its water supply (, resulting in lost jobs for thousands of workers and a reduced supply of fresh fruits and vegetables in local grocery stores grown by California farmers.

The alternative tunnel would cut water supplies by a third that is currently delivered to 3 million acres of farmland and 25 million Californians. An analysis of a single tunnel reveals that multiple shortcomings, including a lack of science to support its plan. That analysis can be found at

Barry Nelson writes about the local and regional projects associated with NRDC’s alternative plan as if they are something new, which is contrary to reality. Water users are already implementing conservation and management practices to make the best use of their water supplies. Farmers are included in this group with the increased use of micro irrigation and other technology innovations.

Simply put, the NRDC portfolio approach does not provide a secure water future for California.

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