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Sinking land makes Valley levees unreliable

Coalition response…The reporter does a good job in presenting the ongoing efforts of farmers and water districts voluntarily working together to solve their problems relating to water supply and subsidence. These groups have already funded research to gather vital groundwater information to be used in reaching solutions. Their goal is to protect the groundwater that is important to so many.

This effort of working together to solve a local issue is reflected in other issues, such as drainage and river restoration. Farmers and water districts in the Grasslands Drainage Project Area near Los Banos have worked with government and environmental groups to reduce the runoff of minerals into the San Joaquin River. Restoring flows and salmon to the San Joaquin River has also benefitted from voluntary efforts that provide needed information to help these ongoing efforts.

Farmers and water district officials realize that working together results in protecting a food supply that is grown on their lands. To do otherwise would threaten a food supply that is both healthy and affordable.

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